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pretty babies kissing…

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Well maybe things work out when they’re ‘spose to. Maybe it’s all about timing.

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3x04 / 9x02  |  Requested by anon

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Suggested by imalwayscalmandobjective

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7/? gifsets of regina mills being her gorgeous self
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- SVU: 15 years

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  • Mariska: ”When I started doing research for my role on SVU, I was floored by the statistics on the prevalence of sexual assault and domestic violence. I think my first reaction was, “Wait, this can’t be”— but of course it is. I knew right away that I wanted to do something about it, but the thing that really moved me to action was the letters that started coming to me from viewers. First there were a few, then more, then hundreds, and thousands since then. The women and men writing the letters didn’t ask for an autograph or a headshot. They disclosed their stories of abuse. I was holding in my hands the stories behind the statistics that I had learned. I wanted to respond in a more complete way, to do more to help survivors heal and reclaim their lives. So the Joyful Heart Foundation was my response”
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"They’re working together, they’re fighting together but it’s just all that frustrated, built-up tension and sexual attraction that they don’t know how to be adult about."
—Lana Parrilla

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This is Robin tearing down Regina’s walls one by one. It reflects in the way she smiles. From shy, held-back smiles to the point where just mentioning his name is enough to make her smile unconsciously.

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